Shipping costs

Ordering a product from We ship to any address in the world!
When you have completed your order, you’ll receive within 24 hours an email confirmation of the shipping date. 95% of all orders are shipped within 48 hours after ordering! If we cannot deliver your order immediately we will put your order on “Processing” and send you an email for confirmation and an estimation when we will be able to ship your order. When your order is shipped, you will also receive an email confirmation.

When you put a product in your cart and click on “Check Out”, than our Shipping methods are displayed. Our Shipping method varies with the weight of your package in combination with your country. offers the following shipping methods:
Priority mail
Registered Mail (recommended)
Parcel +
For counties outside the European Union; we deliver now without VAT. This means in general that our prices for clients living in those countries will pay 20% less. (Countries as USA, Canada, Japan etc and also Switzerland & Norway)
In general you can say that it’s cost less if you combine your orders. To some countries we will not send by Priority mail, because our experience is not good with it (too many packages were lost in the past).