Queensryche – Operation Mindcrime – Queen Of The Reich


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Queensryche – Operation Mindcrime – Queen Of The Reich

Dee2records.com continues the legend with the ‘Axe Killer Warrior´s Set’ which includes remastered cd´s and T-shirts or full colour posters of the best heavy metal bands in deluxe special editions black boxes (also available: Great White, Saxon, Whitesnake, Sortilege etc).

All of these groups got their second wind, thanks to the remastered pressing, the documented booklets, the unedited photos, and complete biographies.

Demanded by their loyal fans, all these discs are in limited, numbered editions, and complemented by a deluxe packaging. Special offer until 28th of February. See our reduced prices.


Queensryche – Operation Mindcrime – Queen Of The Reich

01. I remember now
02. Anarchy X
03. Revolution calling
04. Operation : mindcrime
05. Speak
06. Spreading the disease
07. Mission
08. Suite sister mary
09. Needle lies
10. Electric requiem
11. Breaking the silence
12. I don´t believe in love
13. Waiting 22
14. My empty room
15. Eyes of a stranger
16. Queen of the reich
17. Nightrider
18. Blinded
19. Lady wore black
20. Prophecy