Clemens Salesni & Bumi Fian Quartet – Always Blue


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Clemens Salesni & Bumi Fian Quartet – Always Blue

“ALWAYS BLUE” – the Clemens Salesny / Bumi Fian Quintett … a further, great contribution to artistic power of “Jazz made in Austria”

This Clemens Salesny / Bumi Fian Quintet is well versed in contemporary musical language of Jazz: Extended modal harmonic, complicated often dodgy and complex lines, form-breaking improvisations in large interval jumps, change of pace, dissonance as a stylistic device, microtonal effects and much more are all part of the palette in modern Jazz since Ornette Coleman, Eric Dolphy and Charles Mingus.

Conventional cliches as well as dedication to trendy musical currents are thank god missing in their music. Instead there is well used improvisational freedom, multifaceted tonality, Blues-connections and even occasional feeling for drama. “Always Blue” is an accomplished piece of work full of originality and wealth of ideas.

Clemens Salesny, altosaxophon, bass clarinet
Bumi Fian, trumpet
Clemens Wenger, piano, fender Rhodes, accordion
Bernhard Osanna, double bass
Thomas Froschauer, drums


Clemens Salesni & Bumi Fian Quartet – Always Blue

01. Spass in 3 und 4 (Salesny) 06:40
02. A & F (Salesny) 10:18
03. Always Blue (Salesny) 09:52
04. Bebop und Lulatsch (Wenger) Thelonious Monk Medley 07:00
05. Epistrophy (Monk) 04:22
06. Misterioso (Monk) 03:18
07. Hu Hott! (Salesny) 03:39
08. Last Track (Collective) 05:04
09. Time honoured (Olga Konkova)
10. Free for one another ((Konkova, Mathisen, Mathisen Husband